MG Sportscars

MG SPORTS CARS, by John Heilig, Motorbooks International, Osceola WI, 1996.

96 pp., soft cover.

ISBN No. 0-7603-0112-3

$12.95, U.S.

It's always time for a new book on MGs, Right? This is a book by an enthusiast for enthusiasts. There are a few minor enthusiastic errors, but they are hardly noticeable and far outweighed by the thorough overview and fresh photographs of all models. The author drew on his extensive collection of early photographs and Nuffield, BMC, and BL advertising literature to remind us of where these cars came from and where they are going (yes, the closing chapter is on the MGF).

Beginning with Morris and the bicycles he repeats the well-worn story of Morris Garages, Cecil Kimber and the pre-war years, the T invasion, and so on up until the present. Unfortunately, the saloon cars are ignored, but remember the title, MG SPORTS CARS, not sedans.

There are beautiful color pictures of beautiful cars -- but wait -- look closely; these cars might have tinyy paint chips or a few dings in the chrome! My heavens! They didn't roll out the museum pieces for the photos, they're nothing more than sharp daily drivers. Hooray! It seems Mr. Heilig is an enthusiast who owns, loves and drives MGs.

The sharp photos and straight ahead reporting style make this 96 page paperback (93 color photos plus some black and white historic photos) a must have on every MG sports car owner's book shelf.

While I might not sound like it, I am not affiliated with Mr. Heilig, the publisher, etc., etc.

Standard disclaimers apply.

Respecfully submitted by David F. Darby.

Hercules Wilderness, Missouri, USA.

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