Erecting the MGA Hood

From the MGs Mailing List, late October 1998.

Ease of erection in 37 easy to understand steps...

With the return of freezing temperatures to the Ozarks Highlands, I opted to wuss out and erect the top (hood) on the MGA last night. I had a pretty good run this spring and summer covering several thousand miles mostly in southern Missouri and northern Arkansas. I lowered the top the last time in April and, thanks to our El Nino inspired drought, only got wet a couple of times.

When MGAs were newer (1962), it seems I was forever raising and lowering the top on my old 1500 without much ado. I remember that it could be a bit of a challenge, but I like to think that I became adept at flipping the top up quickly in the face of an approaching squall. After yesterday evening's experience I must warn those who would attempt this maneuver alone to do so in the safety and privacy of your own garage or backyard (garden). My eight-year-old refused to assist me mainly because he was rolling on the ground in fits of convulsive laughter. I might have been having a bad day. I am sure I have done this job many times before without nearly so much trouble. I finally became amused myself and had to stop a couple of times to wait while my own laughter abated. Thank God my nearest neighbor is a quarter mile away through the woods.

It is quite impossible to erect one side and run to the other, hoping the frame will remain up. When one pulls on the next side the first side just gives up and collapses despondently towards the floor. If you do not do the same, you start over again finding that the thing has become totally unresponsive and indeed has locked itself into the fetal position. Victory may come at last as you stand on the transmission cover and wrest the frame straight up as if you were a dentist extracting a back molar from a reluctant but heavily sedated walrus. That is of course, if the metal hood bar at the rear doesn't slip out of the cleats and allow the walrus to roll over into oblivion.

I wonder how many broken windscreens have resulted from this operation?

Oh well, it's up now and apt to stay that way for awhile. The car will get intermittent duty throughout the winter, but I am switching over to the MGB-GT. At least I can't get the top down in the first place on it.


David F. Darby

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